Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge if the contract falls over?

No. whether you are the buyer or the seller, if your contract falls over because of finance or building and pest issues then we do not charge. This offer is limited to the first contract only.

Can you look over the contract before I sign it?

Yes. Pink Conveyancing offers a free contract review service. We aim to provide you with best possible knowledge during your free contract review. It is our goal that you will be armed with enough information and insight to enable you to negotiate with the real estate agent confidently.

Can I contact you after hours?

Yes. We understand that our many of our client’s work from 9-5 and are unable during work hours to deal with personal matters. Pink Conveyancing is committed to providing outstanding service even after hours. You can always contact our Principal/Director Meagan Paras on her mobile should you have any questions during the day, night or on the weekends.

What makes you different from other conveyancing firms, why should I choose Pink?

Effective communication. We keep you, your real estate agent, your broker and the other party’s solicitor informed every step of the way. Is this simple? Yes! Yet so many in our field just don’t do it. We do and our client’s love it.

Do I have to see you in person?

Pink Conveyancing prides itself on being a modern, paperless law firm. While we are more than happy to meet our clients face to face, it is not a requirement. We are proud of our streamlined conveyancing process that enables us to complete your transaction efficiently and effectively via electronic means.

Do you offer a fixed fee service?

Yes. Our professional fees are always fixed and include GST so there are no nasty surprises when you receive our bill. Searches are always additional, however you’re in control to select which searches you would like us to perform on your behalf.

Can you help me buy/sell property from/to a family member?

Yes. Pink Conveyancing prides itself on being able to guide you through a related party transaction. Please contact us so we can explain the process and stamp duty implications.

Do I have to pay any fees upfront?

No. Unlike most other firms we do not require any fees upfront to be held on trust. We simply get paid at the end of the transaction at settlement and we always get you to approve our bill before payment is made.